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On-board cameras, commonly referred to as a "dash cam" are the most cost effective means of protecting yourself! 
Our quality on-board cameras will record every event as seen out the front windshield of your vehicle, all in full HD and crisp audio.
GPS enabled dash cams will also provide precise data on your vehicles location.  Logging location, date, time and speed.

All these elements come together to provide solid evidence.

Shown: GT550WS

Tracked and Insured
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Wouldn't it be so much easier if there was an impartial witness to the accident? There is - and it’s also one of the cheapest ways of protecting yourself.
Obviously, the best part about having video is that is gives everyone an objective look at exactly what happened in the accident. This way, there are less ridiculous claims made.  And no one has to reconstruct the accident based on limited information.
At Reliable-Eyewitness.com we take pride in supplying fully tested dash cameras at an affordable price
We take our time selecting various models, we want you to have a great camera!

Dash Cameras we recommend....  GT680W, GT550WS, GT200W

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Full 1yr Warranty on all dash cameras

The BEST Witness if you are involved in a accident!

A quality HD GPS Dash Camera will offer solid proof to back your insurance claim in case of a dispute.


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