Your own Eyewitness when a bad day shows up!

Take comfort in knowing you have it all on video, no arguments at this accident scene, less stress and a quick insurance settlement.  


Simply put the dash cameras we offer will provide you the most cost effective insurance you will ever purchase.  The camera never lies, insurance agents will be asking for your video!

At Reliable-Eyewitness we are part of a team.  We are in constant contact with our supply chain helping to develop great new dash cams.

We take this serious, studying and testing devices long before they make it onto our shelves.

With our 3 step quality check your guaranteed to get a working dash camera from Reliable-Eyewitness!

Presentation, performance and video quality are all part of each order processing. 

Welcome to Reliable-Eyewitness

Doing things a bit different

Our Industry is full of devices that to the untrained eye look almost identical.  Stores that brand a device as their own and charge a huge mark-up, when really this is the same unit with a different logo. Difference is you just paid more!

We take the guess work out of the equation and help you make a informed decision.  No fake versions or cheap copies here.  You will learn all about this exciting new technology!

At Reliable-Eyewitness we take things to the next level, dedicated video reviews filmed in various weather and lighting conditions - real world.  Access to full specification on the device, and if you ever have a question we are here to help.

Our Products:

  • Entry Level Dash Cameras
  • Budget Friendly Dash Cameras
  • High Resolution HD Dash Cameras
  • GPS Full HD Dash Cameras
  • Sports Cameras (GoPro Alternative)
  • GPS Tracking Devices

Quality Dash Cameras


It's an important part when doing business.  We have been building up ours since 2011.  Its no easy feat starting out and gaining the trust of commercial transport drivers, tow truck operators, commuters and reality TV show producers, but with some hard work, quality product and of course luck we managed to get a great reputation.... Try us out.




Always Have A Witness

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